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Penta Publishing Poetry publishes your poems online.


Your first poem (max 150 words) is free. It is placed on our website without charge ever. Penta Publishing publishes your poem together with a picture that you sent in or you can choose a picture from Penta Publishing's limited photo album. Penta Publishing reserves the right to not publish a poem, for instance, when it denigrates other people. Therefore there is a selection procedure before publishing a poem. We will do our best to put your poem and picture on the website the way you want it. To have more than one poem published the following cost applies:

Creating a webpage for each next poem (max 150 words): $10. Poems larger than 150 words are counted as two poems, larger than 300 words are counted as three poems, etc.

For the first year hosting on this website is free. For subsequent years hosting your poems is:

first set of five poems $1 per poem

second set of five poems $2 per poem

third set of five poems $3 per poem

fourth set of five poems $5 per poem

fifth set of five poems $8 per poem

These prices follow the rule that the additional poem set is the sum of the last two amounts (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, etc). The more you want to publish at our poetry site, the more expensive it gets to host extra poems. Publish your poems either in sets of five or just per poem. Again, hosting of your first poem is free.

You deliver us your poetry via email together with the image you like. Your email address will never be used other than for communication with you about your art or about Penta Publishing.

You will receive a free page for your personal information as the poet, together with your seventh poem. Photo, life story, and published comments on work (400 words).





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